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HEALER Training


Master the art of Breathwork and Conscious Entrepreneurship through our flagship training program.

The High Impact Healer Training educates and certifies you as a accredited Breathwork Specialist and fully prepares you to operate as a wellness entrepreneur. 


We accomplish this together through world class education, ongoing support, and multi-faceted coaching. 



Tired of not knowing what to do in your wellness business?

Through our Conscious Business Coaching Program, you will learn how to consciously brand, market, advertise, and sell in the most graceful and value-driven way. 

With our guidance, you will create incredible High Ticket offers that are extremely valuable to your ideal client. You will optimize your social media and website funnels. You will learn how to gracefully enroll (Sell) new clients, and more...

All while staying fully committed to providing value.

1-On-1 Breathwork

Kundalini Yoga Outside

Receive the exact support and guidance you need through 1-On-1 Breathwork and holistic wellness coaching programs.

With one of our world class coaches, achieving your goals and dream outcomes in health & wellness will become not only possible, but practical and exciting. 

Whether you are mastering breathwork, or simply optimizing your entire life, the empowerment and inspiration that is created when working with an AWB coaches is second to none!

Breathwork Destination

Image by Ashley Batz

Enjoy deep connection, expansion, and relaxation at one of our quarterly destination retreats.

Retreats are so powerful and life changing.

The Awakened Breath Team is ready to support you and the container with multiple healing modalities through a unique retreat/event experience that is designed to support your healing, growth, and expansion. 

We also include additional Breathwork education for all alumni at the retreats!

Destination Retreats are all inclusive minus travel expenses. Retreats are held in the most beautiful places in the United States and abroad. 

MarketinG + Branding


Most healers and facilitators don't know where to turn when it comes to marketing/branding themselves, selling their offers, and getting their name out there. 


With our in-house conscious media agency, we are able to support you in getting recognized in your feild as an expert, gaining attention + followers, getting press opportunities, building your business, and creating more impact quickly. 

Small Group/Private Retreats+Events


Enjoy the full attention from our world class retreat team as you relax, heal, grow, and expand through private retreat or event. 

The Awakened Breath Team is ready to support you and your group with multiple healing modalities through a unique retreat/event experience that is designed in complete accordancee to your intentions and goals as a group. 

Private retreats are all inclusive minus travel expenses. Private retreats can be held anywhere in the United States and we will provide you with many options to choose from. We can't wait to make your private retreat the trip of a lifetime!

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