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CONSCIOUS Business Mastery 

 Turn your passion for wellness into a thriving career 

Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator is one thing, becoming an experienced entrepreneur is something different entirely. 

After 6 years of trial and error learning what it means to be an entrepreneur in the wellness and breathwork space, I realized that learning the ins and outs of owning and running a wellness business is the biggest hurdle new facilitators face. 

Becoming a
successful wellness entrepreneur typically takes years of failure, so that you might eventually become successful and leave your day job that is no longer fulfilling.

Everything from creating and uploading content, selling your services, establishing a target audience, building a website, optimizing social media, creating sales funnels, building courses, and so much more...

This process, if done alone, takes a TON of time. 

That is why I have committed to sharing the Conscious Business Mastery Program. 

So that you can start your wellness career with your best foot forward and turn 6+ years of trial and error into 1 year of diligent progress.

This course is designed for you to be EXCITED about your entrepreneurial journey, without doubt or disbelief that it will be a reality. 

This course also is designed for you to become successful FAST, and establish yourself as a true expert. Allowing you to actually leave your day job and support the healing of others full-time
(Or earn a full-time living while working less than part-time)

And finally, this course is designed to support you in fully perusing your purpose, your dharma, why you are here, on Earth at this time. 

To bring you a deep sense of fulfillment, worthiness, and purpose. Knowing that you are making a hugely possitive impact while supporting yourself and your family financially. 

This is what the Breathwork Business Accelerator is all about! 

It's not for everyone, but if it truly speaks to you, I invite you to lean in, listen, and take action!

See you there!

- Ben

 What you will learn in this program

  • How to launch and run a genuinely successful wellness business.

  • How to establish yourself online and in person as a legitimate expert. 

  • How to attract your ideal clients, build trust, and powerfully support them.

  • How to create powerful healing audio/video tracks step-by-step, where to put those tracks, and be paid great money for the tracks you upload.

  • How to create a great website and establish a powerful social media presence. 

  • How to take your ideal client from A to B to C in the conscious sales process so that they are excited to buy from you as their trusted expert. (Selling without being salesy!)

  • How to create free resources, paid courses, and high-ticket offerings that will break you out of lack-of-money and unworthiness trap so many new entrepreneurs get stuck in.

  • Exclusive access to become a teacher on one of the worlds fastest growing breathwork apps.

And ALOT more...

- Recent Student Testimonials -

- Training Layout -

Week 1: 

(Sales Scripts Included)

~ Establishing your WHY 

~ Low ticket offer (Workshop) development 


Pricing, Donations, and Scholarships 

~ Selling yourself 

~ Building Rapport and Selling to studios 


~ Ticketing - inviting - Collecting information 

~ Refining your facilitation 

~ Refining your sales process 

Week 2: 

(Sales Scripts Included)

~ Low to High ticket offer sales flow 


~ Nurturing your clients from workshops to Retreats/Coaching 

~ Sales call flow 

~ Building client Rapport and trust 


~ Landing your first high paying client  

~ Offering payment plans and discounts  


~ Handling client objections  

Week 3: 


~ Target audience building and personal branding 


~ Finding your target audience 

~ Becoming wildly qualified to support clients  


~ The secret to building immense gratitude and trust from clients 


~ Personal Branding 

~ Creating your logo 


~ Creating your mission statement/about me 


~ Establishing your exclusive (High Earning) offerings 

Week 4: 


~ Online presence and awareness 

~ Creating a website and social media 

(Taking everything from week three and putting it into website and social) 


~ Choosing a social channel to focus on 


~ Creating bio, Link.tree, and resource links 


~ Creating free resources 

(Create resource that can be exchanged for email/contact)

~ Free resource to High Ticket offer sales flow  

~ Marketing your Hight Ticket Offer

~ Automating your online sales funnel 

~ Utilizing AI to accelerate your success 

Week 5: 


~ Creating Your online empire 

~ Gaining local and global attention 

~ Choosing a DAW and video editor 

~ Creating content + recorded tracks 


~ Where to add your tracks once they are ready 


~ Creating social media content 


~ Creating amazing content for all offerings 

~ Creating your online course 

~ Online course to High-Ticket offer sales flow  

Week 6: 


~ Integrating your wellness business 

~ Incorporating your wellness business 

~ Protecting yourself and your assets 


~ Realistically projecting your success 

~ Gameplanning your career change 


~ Getting excited about the journey toward amazing success 


~ Recapping weeks 1-5 

Course Price:
$3,495 - Or 4 payments of $1000

Special Course Price:
(All Awakened Breath Breathwork Graduates) 

*All Payment plan payments will be made on the 15th of the month*

Payment options:


Entire Program

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