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Thank You for the Great Call! 

Thanks for the great call! 
We invite you now to watch the video below with Awakened Breath Founder, Ben Holt 

Step #7 Guarantee your success with professional continued Support! Unlike other Breathwor

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You are here because your heart and your intuition told you to be here. It is time to get out of your own way and just say YES. This is a revolution in which we are teaching people how to heal themselves with their bodies and their breath, and this is something we need to share with the whole world. Ben is going to help you do that!

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The Awakened Breath Facilitator training was super powerful and helpful. I learned a ton of powerful breathwork techniques as well as really cool ways to integrate them with my coaching practice and retreats which has added tons of value and attracted alot of new clients. This has also given me amazing new tools to serve people at deeper level. 

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I'm extremely grateful for Ben and the training he has put together. I am grateful for the ability to have learned from him and the Awakened Breath community. I can't recommend Ben and his team enough! He is extremely professional and amazing to work with.  

We are excited to connect with you soon!

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