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The Role of a Breathwork Entrepreneur in Wellness

In the evolving landscape of wellness, the role of a breathwork entrepreneur takes center stage, weaving together the ancient practice of intentional breathing with the modern entrepreneurial spirit. Let's explore the unique journey of a breathwork entrepreneur and their impact on shaping the wellness industry.

Defining a Breathwork Entrepreneur:

A breathwork entrepreneur is an individual who not only embraces the transformative power of intentional breathing but also recognizes its potential as a business venture. This dynamic figure combines a passion for breathwork with entrepreneurial acumen, aiming to share the benefits of intentional breathing with a broader audience.

Business Opportunities in the Breathwork Industry:

The wellness industry has witnessed a surge in interest in practices that foster holistic well-being, and breathwork stands at the forefront of this movement. Breathwork entrepreneurs identify and capitalize on diverse business opportunities, ranging from offering one-on-one sessions and group workshops to developing online courses and creating breathwork-related products.

Tips for Building a Successful Breathwork Business:

  • Professional Training: A foundational step for any breathwork entrepreneur is to undergo professional training. This not only enhances their expertise but also instills confidence in clients seeking their services.

  • Define Your Niche: The wellness landscape is vast, and defining a niche allows a breathwork entrepreneur to tailor their offerings to a specific audience. Whether it's stress reduction, performance optimization, or trauma healing, a clear niche attracts a more targeted clientele.

  • Build an Online Presence: In the digital age, an online presence is essential. A well-designed website, active social media profiles, and perhaps a podcast or blog can establish credibility and reach a global audience.

  • Collaborate and Network: Building a successful breathwork business often involves collaboration. Networking with other wellness professionals, yoga studios, and holistic health centers can open doors for partnerships and broaden the entrepreneur's reach.

  • Offer Diverse Services: Beyond traditional one-on-one sessions, breathwork entrepreneurs can diversify their offerings. Workshops, retreats, online courses, and corporate wellness programs are avenues to explore, providing a range of options for clients.

  • Embrace Continuous Learning: The field of breathwork is dynamic, and staying abreast of new techniques, research, and trends is crucial. Continuous learning not only enriches the entrepreneur's skill set but also ensures the services offered remain cutting-edge.

The Impact of a Breathwork Entrepreneur:

  • Promoting Mindful Living: A breathwork entrepreneur becomes a beacon for mindful living. By introducing intentional breathing practices, they inspire individuals to cultivate awareness and presence in their daily lives.

  • Fostering Emotional Well-Being: The practices facilitated by a breathwork entrepreneur often lead to emotional release and healing. This, in turn, contributes to enhanced emotional well-being for their clients.

  • Community Building: Beyond individual sessions, a breathwork entrepreneur plays a role in building a community centered around intentional breathing. This sense of community fosters support, shared experiences, and a collective journey toward well-being.

Challenges and Rewards:

While the path of a breathwork entrepreneur is rewarding, it comes with its share of challenges. Building a clientele, navigating the competitive wellness industry, and adapting to evolving trends require resilience and a commitment to the transformative power of breath.

Conclusion: Entrepreneurs of Breath and Well-Being

In conclusion, the role of a breathwork entrepreneur extends beyond individual sessions, becoming a catalyst for positive change in the wellness landscape. By blending the ancient wisdom of intentional breathing with entrepreneurial vision, these individuals contribute to the broader narrative of well-being, inspiring others to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic health.

If you’re ready to up-level your wellness business, add breathwork to your healing toolkit, and 20x your impact and income, starting February 7th, I will be doing a 12 week deep dive into facilitating breathwork and conscious business entrepreneurship. 

Through the Awakened Breath Breathwork Specialist Training, you will learn everything you need in order to THRIVE and create global impact as a healer/coach/facilitator.

This container is of value to anyone who is ready to become a certified breathwork facilitator, share the most efficient, time-tested healing modality in the world, and grow a thriving wellness business. 

Be guided through 3 training segments over 12 weeks: 

1. Breathwork Skills and Knowledge

Embody and master the knowledge and facilitation of 3 different breathwork styles and 5+ of the most powerful Breathwork techniques available. 

2. A World-Class Offer and Pipeline 

Cultivate both your low-ticket and high-impact, high-ticket offer, effectively building your wellness business pipeline. Learn how to facilitate a wide range of offerings, including successful and profitable retreats and coaching programs as well as breathwork workshops. 

3. Conscious Business Systems

Become a wellness Entrepreneur by learning all essential business practices to create global impact and consciously attract your perfect, high paying clients. Market, sell, and create impact with both focused intention and integrity. 

Why Become a Breathwork Specialist? 

  • Be in service to the world by reconnecting people with their breath 

  • Transform your own life through breathwork: sleep better, be calmer, lose weight, increase endurance, and increase longevity

  • Teach multiple techniques custom-fit to your client’s needs

  • Join a like-hearted tribe of Awakened Breath graduates

  • Begin and fast track your career as a wellness entrepreneur and earn a great income as a breathwork specialist 

  • Learn how to brand, market, and establish yourself as a credible expert 

  • Build a new career rooted in healing others and providing amazing results 

  • Learn the inner workings of conscious business as a wellness entrepreneur 

  • Learn conscious sales and how to sell your offerings with passion, confidence, and clarity 

  • Create and produce incredible guided Breathwork Tracks that listeners will utilize daily

  • Build an unshakable foundation for your business/movement online through Ben's proven Strategies


Don’t miss out! This is the exact blueprint that veteran Breathwork facilitator Ben Holt has used in order to directly impact tens of thousands yearly and generate multiple 6-figure wellness businesses. 

Be guided and supported by me and my team:

I, Ben Holt, will lead you through the course! I am known for my work as a spiritual teacher, breathwork expert, multi-disciplinary healer, musician, and conscious business entrepreneur.

Each week, you will begin with a live video call where I will answer your questions, lead you through sessions, and offer you unique bonus insights. 

You will be guided and supported by myself and my team of breathwork specialists and coaches with experience across a breadth of modalities including yoga, Reiki, hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming, sound healing, and more. Not only will this be a great way to learn, IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN!!!

You will meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm EST/4pm PST starting February 7th until April 24th. All live sessions will be recorded and waiting for you if you can't make it to the session.

If you are ready to embark on this journey with me, sign up using the link below.

So, what are you waiting for? Your future self awaits. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with enrollment, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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