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Exploring the Transformative Realm of Sonic Neural Breathwork

Sonic Neural Breathwork stands at the forefront of transformative breathwork practices, offering a unique journey into the depths of consciousness and energetic healing. This approach, guided by intention and a connection to the intuitive mind, goes beyond the realms of traditional breathwork, providing a powerful tool for those seeking profound release, transcendental experiences, and relief from physical pain.

Sonice Neural breathwork involves breathing in and out of the mouth, 80% in, 80% out, for a prolonged period of time. After about 10-15 minutes of this breathing pattern, the participant will enter a buttery, floating state. Maintaining the breath will become easier, and the participant's body will start to release stress, trauma, and stored energy through moving, shaking, screaming, crying, and more.

This floating state is associated with a quieting of the conscious mind, which creates space for the subconscious mind to take center stage in both processing energy and sometimes even providing profound insights related to the participant's life and experience. It's most important to let the breathwork guide your experience and be open to whatever sensations, thoughts, and emotions arise during the practice.

Intentions in Sonic Neural Breathwork:

Unlike some other breathwork modalities, Sonic Neural Breathwork places a strong emphasis on energetically based intentions. Clients entering a session may set intentions to release deep-seated trauma from childhood, to forgive those who have caused them pain, or to unlock and release stagnant energy within. This intentional approach creates a foundation for transformative experiences that extend beyond the physical realm.

It is recommended for participants to state affirmations prior to strting Sonic Neural Breathwork. Several affirmation examples include: I give myself permission to let go, I give myself permission to feel fully, I give myself permission to fully surrender, I know that I am safe, I know that I am guided, I know that I am whole.

Benefits of Sonic Neural Breathwork:

  1. Dissolution of the Thinking Mind: The deep and connected breathwork in Sonic Neural Breathwork serves as a vehicle to dissolve the thinking mind. This dissolution allows the intuitive mind/body complex to surface, initiating natural and effortless healing.

  2. Trauma Release: Sonic Neural Breathwork has proven effective in releasing trauma from both the energetic and physical body. The intentional breath serves as a catalyst for the release of stored emotions and energy, promoting a sense of liberation and healing.

  3. Transcendental Experiences: Participants often report transcendental experiences during Sonic Neural Breathwork. The practice opens a doorway to exploring consciousness beyond the constraints of the thinking mind, creating a space for profound, even psychedelic, encounters with one's inner self.

  4. Practice of Surrender: The breathwork encourages the practice of surrendering to experiences beyond the thinking mind. Participants learn to let go and trust the process, fostering a deep sense of surrender and acceptance.

Tetany in Sonic Neural Breathwork:

An intriguing aspect of Sonic Neural Breathwork is the occurrence of "Tetany," often colloquially referred to as "Crabby Hands." Tetany manifests as seizing and cramping, primarily in the hands, as a response to the drop in CO2 levels and an increase in blood pH during deep and connected breathing.

If Tetany occurs, participants have options: they can shake their hands while continuing to breathe, allow it to unfold naturally, or, if overwhelming, engage in slow and low breathing through the nose. This slow breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, offering a pathway to release and relax the muscles.

Educating participants about Tetany before the commencement of a Sonic Neural Breathwork session is paramount. Understanding that Tetany is a stress response and providing strategies to address it empowers participants to navigate this aspect of the experience with confidence and awareness.

Guiding Sonic Neural Breathwork:

Guiding individuals or groups through Sonic Neural Breathwork demands heightened attention, intentionality, and awareness from the facilitator. The interconnectedness of breath, intention, and the potential for profound experiences requires a skilled guide to navigate the nuanced terrain of this transformative breathwork modality.

Conclusion: Using Sonic Neural Breathwork as a Portal to Your Inner Self

In conclusion, Sonic Neural Breathwork stands as a portal to a realm where intention, breath, and consciousness converge to facilitate deep healing and exploration. As participants traverse the landscape of energetic release, transcendence, and surrender, Sonic Neural Breathwork emerges as a potent practice, inviting individuals to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and holistic well-being.

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