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Lessons from an Akashic Record Reading

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Lessons from an akashic record reading

Around a month ago, I had my akashic records read by a woman from New York.

Her name is June Brought, and she came highly recommended by many people in a spiritual circle I am in.

Now, I had never had an Akashic reading, and I was a bit skeptical, but after researching her and discovering her depth of experience, the skepticism transmuted into pure excitement.

Now, I'm not posting this to show off my reading or promote June.

I'm posting because I am still in awe of and learning from this epic experience.

Previously, this woman new nothing about me.. She didn't even know my name, so the possibility of her researching my social media was even out of the question.

With that being said, almost everything June told me was something I felt intuitively for years and at a heightened state shortly before the reading.

Shortly put, this reading reassured me of SO much. From my mission in this lifetime to my affiliation with my parents. You name it.

So, I hope this encourages you to dive a little bit deeper into your own mission in life, and maybe even peaks your curiosity enough to find someone who specializes in Akashic record readings.

Regardless, this one was a doozy for me, and it was an experience I'll never forget!

Below is a rough transcription.



They were opening with one of the statements they use sometimes and that is “Allowing yourself to have”

That means that the receiving part of you wants to open right now, DEEPLY.

And they say that what you are receiving-is All avenues of Grace, That have been earmarked in your name.

They are calling it Divine intelligence that you receive in your Human mind.

For you, it is specifically Divine Feminine.

They always open with a level of cause, meaning the thing your soul is basically observing and that your working deeply on, or need to be.

And they are saying allowing yourself to have. The receiving part of you. So as we give, we receive.

For you, the receiving part is primarily receiving grace. That can be synchronicity, supported ventures. All kinds of things.

But it's happening with you through, Allow, Let go, Surrender.

Because its the only thing that connects us to the divine.

What you're surrendering to is divine support IN YOU.

And that can be really good ideas or synchronistic situations that really put you where you need to give be to receive more fully.

SO, they always open with the most important thing and that IS what you're learning, or being challenged to learn. When to take action and when to let go.

And, let go and Allow. Let go, allow, receive.

Working as a leader and a helper is very inline for you.

They are showing me a cross, a Swiss army cross.

When they show me that, it means the human and divine expressing as one. The crucifixion cross represents suffering because the divine hasn't dropped into the heart space yet.

So they just showed us this cross, and its a big part of your soul path. To become the divine expressed through the human and what we become we typically teach and leave behind.

As a collective, at this time, we are doing this more than we ever have.

A lot of my plant medicine people have a big starseed component, and you're one of them.

You have a big intergalactic component to you and that part is highly interdimensional, and you're getting ready to draw on that part more and more.

Even if you didn't know you had that it is setting up for you and its a part of your plan.

Me: “Is it a different universe or?”

A different galaxy, do you know? You seem to have a pretty significant Arcturian imprint.

Definitely, this part of you leads you on your soul journey. You're on the soul path of freedom.

That means you're investigating what it means to be free. What it is and what it isn't. How to express freely and what it isn't to be free.

Your deeply investigating connection with a deeper part of self and with others.

One thing about Arcturians that I know is they are almost always communicators.

They are always writing, making films or communicating through something creative.

The music you play, as you probably know, connects you to your highest self and when you play it's coming through you, not from you.

Me: “What is my Dharma? What am I here to do specifically in this lifetime?”

The fact that they showed us that kind of cross shows us that you are really here to integrate the divine with the human and bring it forth physically and create what they are calling a resonant beacon primarily through example and bring that out into the world.


The way you do it is to keep following your joy. basically. We have to keep following the pull.

Even a part of your creative expression is part of what you're supposed to be doing.

But you will be communicating deeper awareness that really helps connect people to that same thing. Expressing the divine through the human experience.

According to the records, the bottom line of what we are doing here is bringing forth the love that we have in truth instead of the fears that we have. Because everything pretty much is one or the other. So on that level we are all doing that.

As far as your specific gifts, we know you're a communicator, we know you cary a high fast frequency due to being a Starseed, and thats part of what you are not only embody in yourself but to connect others to, the deeper part of themselves. Thats what you're saying and thats what they are agreeing.

They are also saying that you are here to help others learn to play again. Now when they say that, thats very specific from them, when they use the word play, thats a very sacred word.

They said to me once, “The heart of the child IS the master of the universe”

A lot of times people on deeply spiritual paths become to serious, and they lose touch with that child heart. We loose touch with that and it really just wants to play, expand and express.

It looks like however, you want to help people connect to that part of themselves, thats going to be very beneficial.

They are showing us a laughing Buddha!

It will help people connect with themselves and that beautiful place.

Even Einstein said, “I try to act like a child, think like a child, play like a child, and from that state my best thinking arises.” - That is when Genius walks in.

Thats when people connect with that place that helps them make peace with life and connect with their joy.

That comes up specifically for you in being a catalyst for others to connect with and understanding the importance of connecting with that part.

That's the wisest part of us.

“It's not that serious”

When we become too serious, we lose the capacity to connect with the part of us that moves us toward joyful expansion.

Me: “Have I lived many lives here as a human?”

Yes, you haven't had more lives off this planet, but you've had plenty off of this planet.

You've had many lives here, you seem to jump in to this dimension during significant incremental changes in the collective.

Anytime there were these shifts in the collective, you were here.

You have a big Egyptian part of you, that comes up pretty pretty big.

You were in the Civil War in the US.

Looks like you were alive during the Crusades.

It seems like your soul says that you want to get in and be a part of it.

Me: “Wow, are there any specifics you can give me about who I was?”

They probably won't give any names. But I can tell you you were a pretty well-known officer. And you were Confederate!

It gives that feeling that you were a general or high ranking officer.

Oh, interesting. The Egyptian one is one that was significant because you have that starseed part of you, and the Egyptians had significant communication with intergalactic beings, And you were one of them.

You were involved in what they are calling geophysics and geomagnetic. It keeps showing me the pyramids, so you may have been involved with building or designing the pyramids.

They are saying physicalize these structures, which then became what they are calling anchor points on the grid here.

Wow! I just got chills.. So they are here apparently still anchoring the grid, including other sacred physical structures.

Me: “Woah.. So I am also here to anchor the grid of the Earth?”

It seems that way!

So Ben, I'm curious, as a child, do you remember wondering how you got here, or when do you get to go home?

Me: “Well, I had a lot of energy, and I got in a lot of trouble in school. But I remember, when I was 5, telling my mother that I was there to do something really important.”

Oh wow, isn't that something.

Well Ive notice around 5, kids often have bleed-through from past lives.

They are saying that thats where you realized that you are here to be a catalyst for deeper awareness, they are calling it embodied awareness.

You aren't just here to teach people concepts, we are beyond concepts. We are in the becoming phase.

You are going to be a catalyst for people becoming these things, becoming an integrated version.

Becoming what they are calling 5th-dimensional beings in a 3rd-dimensional world.

And you can do it, or they wouldn't be saying it.

I do want to keep stressing, you will be shown and lead, and you want to just keep following the pull and the joy and your intuition. The inspiration, the calling.

You keep noticing that deep part of you, and you ARE noticing.

They also want to say - KEEP EMBRACING THE NOT KNOWING.

If you don't know the next step or how to, thats where you want to stop and OWN IT. And you own it with curiosity.

Just say, I have know Idea, I wander what that will look like!

Me: “That's a huge lesson for me in this life”

Yeah, its coming up pretty big.

You are exploring the feminine. When you embrace not knowing with curiosity, what it does on the quantum level is INVITE INFORMATION.

What this does is give it room to bubble up from a deeper part of you, OR some type of synchronicity will show up and show you.

The masters and teachers call that the Quantum Open-Ended Question.

That Divine feminine will connect you more with your divine masculine.

You’ve had a lot of lifetimes of the regular masculine, its been about having power, figuring it out and making it happen.

The divine masculine is taking action from that very divinely integrated place.

Me: “Is the place that I spent many lives where I'm originally from there? What is that place like, and will I return there?”

They are saying, you will always have ties there, and you are always connected with that, and you visit there even now! Mainly while you sleep.

They are giving me the word home, it feels like home to you.

There's a gentle awareness that ALL IS ONE.

So wherever it is, that unity awareness is pervasive in a good way.

They are calling you a missionary of sorts. So it seems you go back and connect with that place and intergalactic beings where you go and commune, receive info and bring it back.

You have one guide I can see that is REALLY tall and he is blue, he not only carries that spirit guide, but an inner galactic essence, and he's helping you.

Me: “Wow, so even though I'm not conscious about it right now, it's still happening.”

Oh its definitely happening, and you may become completely conscious of it. It wouldn't surprise me.

There are aspects of you that has a multi-focus, you are primarily focused on 3d physical, which you need to be. BUT parts of you are traveling a lot, communicating with intergalactic resources, They are helping you.

Me: “Wow, so they are helping me with this specific mission?”

Exactly, its the mission in helping others, but also, how to go into this pretty extreme surrender so that you embody the integration of divine within human.

The more you let go and embrace not knowing of all that stuff (Trying too hard to do anything) The more you're going to be offered information, and the more you'll be collaborating with intergalactic guides and your deeper self.

So embrace not knowing, it will help you go from control to command, control is fear-based, command is love-based. Command and empowerment is more rooted in love.

Me: “Is the place I'm originally from more connected and evolved than earth?”

Yes, in that the awareness of unity drives the collective in your original home. They are saying it isn't perfect, it has had upheavals and crumbling, just as this planet has. But, it has come into a harmonious, utopian environment of balance.

Me: “So we are here to bring that balance to earth as well”

Yes, absolutely.

Me: “Was I significant in bringing balance to my original home?”

No, you were born into it, it's pretty much the norm for you. You've been in it for so long, and thats why you can touch it within yourself.

You've embodied in it, and you basically began jumping into this dimension in times of change like they were showing us earlier.

You typically come to this planet during incremental shifts in awareness. You come to play a part and experience the shift. To effect the collective and grow your soul. Always expanding and coming into the truth of who you are.

And it is not an easy dimension by the way! This world is not for sissies.

Me: “Beautiful, thank you June, I’m looking forward to heading home! So is my full consciousness here, or just a part of it?”

It is just a part of it. The part that keeps you connected to your soul mission. Your guide, the large blue one, is here to help you with your soul mission.

You are always in an ongoing conversation with intergalactic council. That's pretty specific. You are contacting different kinds of intergalactic groups, similar to the UN, but intergalactic.

And I do meet people who are doing this, I’m not one of them, but I do meet some people who are on this path.

Me: “Wow, I feel that so much, thank you June. My next question is what other guides do I have and are there other ascended masters that I’m closely connected with? Have I been close with a master in the past?”

Let me ask,

Well, you were on the planet. They show you walking, with sandals on.. They are saying you were with Moses. They are showing a group, you weren't just around them, but you are a part of a circle.

“Could it have been with Jesus?”

That comes up Huge for you. Yes.

I think that's why the cross came up earlier, that time was one of those incremental shifts. So, it looks like you were here to watch that. Oops! Oh, I just got chills..

They are saying you were here to be a part of the first coming, and now you are here for the second coming.

But the second coming isn't coming as one guy, it's coming through us.

Me: “Oh wow, I feel that so much!”

So, you were there, it feels very inner circle, you could have been one of the disciples or very close.. Oh! No, you were a woman!

I wonder if you were one aspect of Mary Magdalene.

You were very there, you saw it, you were in it. You were very energetically supportive of God in Man.

And now you are here for the second coming, to experience it yourself, and to be a catalyst for others.

And, remember how to do that.

Follow the pull, the inspiration, and joy, and you'll be shown. They are saying that lines of support will appear.

Me: “So chances are I was maybe even acquaintances, or piers or friends with Jesus in the past..”

Oh yeah! They are saying, Sat at his table.

They are literally showing you sitting around breaking bread.

Me: “Wow, a depiction similar to the last supper?”

Yes, but I’m seeing that you were a woman. If you were a man, talk about having a feminine essence. I think you were a woman, but you were right there, in close proximity.

Me: “I have so many chills right now..”

I bet! You know all of this intuitively, this is just reassurance.

Me: “Is there anything I need to know specifically about the second coming?”

They are saying that the Apocalypse is in play, which means it is happening now. I’ve heard them say this type of thing before.

We won't be taken over by some giant title wave but..

Me: “It's coming from the inside”

Yes! Exactly.

They are showing you pointing, saying Point others in the direction of what they are for, not what they are fighting. Similar to Mother Teressa saying I will never march in an anti-war march, but I will always march in a peace march.

The reason they are saying that to you is that there are many forces and energies striving to maintain the collective consciousness in the paradigm of duality, and power. That means good, bad, right, wrong, us and them, the works.

So first of all, you're a catalyst for integrating divine human in people. You are learning to help them connect with their inner child and it also looks like if they become entangled in what's wrong and bad instead of rising above it, guess what, we’ve lost.

There are many, many forces that want to keep us entangled. So even if its fight for what's right, it's not good to Fight for anything. It's essential to focus on what we believe in, not what we don’t believe in.

Frankly, for example, from the records, we have seen that Donald Trump is a highly evolved soul, who elected to descend into density to play a very important role.

Me: “As an perfect example of a need for a shift?”


Now I do need to wind down here, but beautifully enough, we have gone 1 hour and 11 minutes. So, new beginnings for you Ben!

Me: “Amazing.. Do you mind if I ask one more question June?”

No, go right ahead.

Me: “It’s about my parents, and why I chose them. Why did I choose to go there in Louisiana in a very dense place? I learned all about the Bible and Jesus, but it wasn't easy growing up. It was so chaotic when I was a kid. Why did I choose that instead of a healthier household that was put together and conducive?”

You came in to experience what they are calling contrast.

Because you come in with that part of you that is so deeply aware that we are all one, yet you plopped down in a situation that didn't mirror that at all. And but that was to experience contrast. We learn through this, and then you had to move through that to get back to what they are calling The seat of the soul and The core of your knowing.

Me: “Wow, so it was to experience the complete opposite of what I knew”

Yes exactly, and they are saying that you rejected it on some deep level. It actually helped drive you back to what they are calling Home. It drove you back home.

Me: “And home I am”

Me: “Is there any karma or past lives I have experienced with my parents?”

Actually, almost always we have experienced past lives with our parents, but in your case, No.

Yes, but you picked them, it was the perfect opportunity to give you that contrast.

It's so minimal, it's pretty much like, Let me just find the perfect contrasting paradigm, so I can bounce off from there, who I really am.

When we really experience what we don't resonate with, it often drives us closer to what we do.

Me: “And it also brought me closer to Jesus”

Yeah, I bet, oh wait, YES, it did.

And that was purposeful, and then you went into what Jesus was not, and What he Was.

It looks like you really had to see full on, what Jesus was not..

Me: “Wow.. Thank you so much June, I appreciate it so much”

Closing Prayer...

So, there it is, my akashic reading with June Brought. Since this reading, many of my friends

have received readings from her as well.

All of them report that she knew things about them that she simply couldn’t have known and that everything she told then simply reassured them of the deep truth already residing within them.

Whether you believe in the Akashic records or not, there seems to be a deep seeded truth within all of us. How we discover this truth is relative and subjective. You are the only one who can choose your truth, no one else.

So discovering this truth takes effort and personal ambition.

I hope that you all discover your personal truth and maybe an Akashic reading from June will help out!

Be Blessed.

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